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Taming Her Billionaire Boss

Taming Her Billionaire Boss

Description : Taming Her Billionaire Boss
“What are you doing in here?”

Samantha Thompson almost dropped her pen as her head snapped up, the desk lamp shedding enough light for her to see the handsome man standing in the doorway. “Blake, you scared me!”Her heart didn’t settle down once she knew who it was, it only increased pace as she looked at him in a dinner suit that fitted his well-toned body flawlessly. Hismanding presence was of a man born to lead. This was Blake Jarrod, owner of Blake Jarrod Enterprises’ Las Vegas hotels, and now the new CEO of Jarrod Ridge, his family’s renowned resort in Aspen, Colorado.

And as his assistant of two years there was nothing unusual about her being in his office at ten at night. Just because they were now in Aspen at the Jarrod Manor and she was using the desk in his late father’s office didn’t change a thing. She had her reasons for being here.

And they concerned her boss.

Or soon-to-be-ex boss.

“It’s late,” he said, cutting across her thoughts in the way he usually did.

She took a steadying breath and looked down at the letter in front of her, giving herself one last chance to change her mind. Then she remembered this evening. The final straw had been watching a famous blonde actress flirt outrageously with Blake, and him sitting there enjoying it, taking it as his due.

Samantha couldn’t blame him for wanting to sample what was on offer if he so chose. It was just that she wanted a little taste of him herself. She usually dressed sedately in...