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Taming the Storm

Taming the Storm

Description : Taming the Storm

Ten Months Ago—Backstage, Madison Square Garden, New York City

“Dex! Chad! Cale! Sonny! Where the hell are you?” I call out as I wander down the empty hallway, my voice echoing back at me.

I’ve been wandering around—actually, where in the hell am I? I’m somewhere backstage. It’s like a maze back here. I think I might be a bit lost.

Shrugging to myself, I lift the half-empty champagne bottle I snagged earlier to my lips and take a drink.

I also might be a tad drunk.

But I’m celebrating.

My band, Vintage, just opened for The Mighty Storm in Madison Square Garden! That’s where I am now, lost in this place. My band won a radio contest, and the prize was to be The Mighty Storm’s opening act. This was a huge thing for us! I’m not ashamed to admit that I nearly peed my pants the moment I found out we won thepetition.

So, now, I’m celebrating—alone. I can’t seem to locate a single one of my band members or my boyfriend. In the excitement and crowd of people, I managed to lose them when we went offstage. I mean, seriously, I’d think my boyfriend or brother would have at least waited for me.

I bet Chad is getting shitfaced with Sonny and Cale, and Dex is probably hooking up and getting his rocks off as I speak.

I cup my hands around my mouth. “Dex, I know you’re probably on third base with a hot piece of ass, bute on! We just opened for The Mighty Storm! The. Mighty. Effing. Storm!” I punctuate the words, still unable to believe it.

I take another swig of champagne, stumbling in my heels. I steady myself...

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