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The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor

The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor

Description : The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor
Randolph Brodie wandered around the people gathered at his brother’s wedding reception. Dirk and Chelsea had said their vows at the small church in Frontier City. Their reception at the ranch was a large barbecue. Children ran around playing while their parents and other guests enjoyed visiting.

Dr. Neels strolled over to him. “Let me introduce you to some of the townspeople. If you’re really serious about joining me, then they’ll want to have a look at you.” He grinned. “We’ll start with the most difficult, Mrs. Lacey. She’s a determined, nosy old lady, but you’lle to love her as I do.”

Rand followed Dr. Neels, and he introduced Mrs. Lacey. She was sharp tongued, gave him a once-over, and told Dr. Neels he could do worse.

“At least he’s easy on the eyes,” she said. They were both chuckling when they moved on.

After meeting too many people to ever remember all their names, Dr. Neels took mercy on him. “I see a pretty girl standing alone under that tree.” He nodded to the right. “If I was young, I’d go introduce myself.”

Glad to have a chance to wander off, Rand headed toward the blonde who’d stood up with Chelsea at her wedding.

“Hello,” Rand said. “I’m Rand Brodie.”

“Marian Gaenor.” She put out her hand. “Chelsea’s my best friend.”

He wrapped his hand around hers and stared into sherry-brown eyes. She smiled, and his body jumped to attention. Her...