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The Billionaire Bargain 3

The Billionaire Bargain 3

Description : The Billionaire Bargain 3
Grant’s body, powerful and strong, covered every inch of mine. He gazed deeply into my eyes before dipping his head to kiss my neck, and I moaned as he teased and tortured the sensitive skin there with his teeth and tongue. His hard nudged at my thigh. I was slippery with desire, so ready to take him in. I reached for him—

Beep beeeeep. Beep beeeep.

The ancient clock radio beside my bed went off, and my hand slapped out at it automatically. The sun wasing through gauzy white curtains, making a dappled pattern over the faded hand-stitched quilt my mother had made me when I was still a kid. I gazed up at the walls, the dust on my Speech Team trophies and the curled corners of my old rock-star posters. At the end of my childhood bed, Mr. Teddy stared back reproachfully, as if he could sense how lonely and displaced I felt.

This should have felt like a refuge, a safe haven. I should have felt weed, and relieved. At home and at peace.

But all these things I used to treasure so much just reminded me that while they had stayed the same, I had be apletely different person.

And thatpletely different person was a total ing screw-up.

No. No. I’d promised myself I was going to be positive for at least an hour today. I wasn’t going to think bad thoughts about myself, or my decisions.

No matter how much I deserved it.

• • •

“Rise and shine, Lacey Spacey!” Mom said, dishing out a healthy portion of quinoa and acai berries onto my plate.