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The Billionaire's Best Friend

The Billionaire's Best Friend

Description : The Billionaire's Best Friend
No one will notice if I sneak outside for a minute. Tugging at the cuff of her sweater, Lauren McDonald crossed the room to the French doors leading outside. A cold blast of air hit her head-on, a stark contrast to the warmer temperature inside the apartment, but it didn’t deter her.

Outside, she took a deep breath and exhaled as she took in the view of the city. From the balcony she caught sight of the Prudential Building, or the Pru as Bostonians called it, lit up with the official logo of the New England Patriots, who were at that moment winning the Super Bowl by two touchdowns.

I can breathe again. The thought made no sense because the penthouse apartment consisted of more square footage than her own home, but thanks to Shelia Wentworth’s overpowering perfume, she’d felt starved of air. Lauren looked back inside at the party’s other guests. She caught a glimpse of Mark Wentworth, the governor’s son, and Henry Fuller, some bigwig defense attorney and owner of the downtown Boston apartment.

When Kevin had invited her to the Super Bowl party, she’d realized it would be different from the ones she’d attended in the past. Considering the people Kevin called friends, how could it be anything else? And she’d been correct. This party didn’t have any plastic bowls filled with chips and salsa. There were no buffalo wings and pepperoni pizza from Tim’s Pizza. Her nephew didn’t keep popping into the room hoping to stay up past his bedtime and watch the game like he had the year before. Oh no, none of that for this refined crowd.