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The Billionaire's Daughter

The Billionaire's Daughter

Description : The Billionaire's Daughter
Kate shivered. She was sitting by a blazing fire reading the latest issue of her favorite magazine, The Horse Journal, and just the sound of the blustering wind made her feel colder. There was the sense of a storm in the air and the darkening skies promised it wouldn’t be much longer.

Dressed in a tight fitting red cashmere sweater that stopped at the waist, black leggings and thick white socks, she looked every bit the sexy rich young woman she was. Her long hair was reddish brown with shimmering highlights, and when the light caught it just right it appeared iridescent. Her eyes were a dark brown but turned almost black when she was angry, which happened quite often. She was a tad under 5”7”and possessed a naturally svelte figure, though blessed with a bounteous bust for which she was very grateful.

Kate looked up from the magazine and gazed absently across the room at the large picture window. She couldn’t concentrate. She’d just been fired! The fourth job in - what - two years? She couldn’t believe it. But then again she could. She just didn’t know how to control herself sometimes, and if she became frustrated or upset she would let fly. At least she hadn’t had to face her parents.

Her father was in Europe on an extended business trip. “We’ll deal with this when I get back in a couple of weeks,” her father had said gruffly on the phone. A powerful businessman, William “Bill” Hollister had made sure his only...