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The Billionaire's Milkmaid

The Billionaire's Milkmaid

Description : The Billionaire's Milkmaid
Jessica Browning was sick and tired of being sick and tired, but apparently her breasts were going to argue with her no matter what. Her first day back at work after a very-much-enjoyed six month maternity leave was not going well at all, and she was ragingly pissed. The sweet cocoon of home was long gone and now she was back in the office, the drudgery of work setting her off kilter.

First of all, the last thing she had expected was to have the father of her baby fall in love with the labor and delivery nurse and announce, when their daughter, Sofia, was two months old, that he was leaving her to run off with Bambi. Yes, Bambi. Bambi the husband stealer – it had a ring to it.

It was horrifying and humiliating enough to be left for the woman who saw your hoohaw stretched in nineteen different ways and split down the middle, but to have her be named Bambi – well, that was just a cruel joke, a sign that the universe really, deeply hated Jessica.

Add in the fact that Joe, her now-ex, had decided to up and drain all their bank accounts and go off to his ancestral homeland in Slovakia, making him impossible to trace and leaving her nearly broke. Fortunately, he had waited until Sofia was five months old and, blissfully, sleeping through the night, but this shit was getting old. One month later and she still was reeling, the sense of betrayal and hurt so raw she almost winced when she heard his name.

And now her breasts wereplaining, too, swollen and tingling...

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