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The Billionaire's Wife - The Complete Collection

The Billionaire's Wife - The Complete Collection

Description : The Billionaire's Wife - The Complete Collection
I’ve never been one to fall for the richy rich type; usually it’s the bad boys who ride perfectly maintained motorcycles but whose idea of “date night” consists of a value meal at McDonalds. What can I say? I’m like every other girl out there; the bad boys just ‘do it for me.’

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melissa Gainsborough. I’m 21 years old and despite the fact that I graduated college early with a 3.98 grade point average (we can’t all be perfect) I am woefully underemployed and extremely underpaid. Sure, I could have pursued the prestigious careers that my sisters opted for, but me? I prefer a little bit of a challenge. No, no medical school or law school for me, I opted to be a human rights activist or, as my father would say “one of those hippy chicks.” I can’t say that I look much like a hippy, just a regular all American girl with long dark and frequently washed hair and dark brown eyes to match. I don’t wear hemp jewelry and I bathe often and use deodorant, perfume, body spray and lotion in abundance. Now if you classify giving a damn about the world as being a hippy, then perhaps I am.

My mother always said that if I really wanted to make a difference then I’d be a doctor or a lawyer like my sisters. She firmly believes that they make a difference as they sit in their professional offices raping insurancepanies and people who need...