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The Boss and Her Billionaire

The Boss and Her Billionaire

Description : The Boss and Her Billionaire
“We’re clear then? I want this mess with the all equity rate cleared up by close of business Friday. We can’t be seen to be letting things slide just because the dollar is a little fragile. I don’t want to hear any more excuses.”

No one spoke or met his eye, and Dylan Johns let loose a grim smile. He resorted to threats and intimidation more and more often these days. Maybe he needed a holiday.

Too bad.

“Great. What’s next?”

“Excuse me, sir?” Dylan’s istant must have been listening at the door, waiting for the pause. “There’s someone in your office for you.”

“Not now. We’re in the middle of—”

“Sorry, sir, I think you’ll want to take this.”

Dylan looked up. His istant had been with him for three years and knew this meeting had been booked for over a month. Her face gave nothing away, but the hard edge in her eyes made him stand. “I’ll be right back. Gary, go through the acquisition premiums on the Luther portfolio with everyone.”

Dylan stood and walked through to his inner office.

The woman who turned toward him bore almost no resemblance to his sister-in-law. Tears had carved tracks through her makeup, and her face was puffy and red.

“Lily?” Dylan reached for her instinctively. “What’s happened? Oh my God, the kids?”

“No. They’re fine.” Lily wilted into him. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t...