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The Convenient Bride

The Convenient Bride

Description : The Convenient Bride
“Lucy, my dear girl, please, you must marry me!” Max implored.

Much like a marionette whose strings have been cut, Lucy sat down, grateful to find that there was a chair behind her, because she honestly hadn’t thought to check.

How had an ordinary gathering descended into this?

This was supposed to be a dance, much like any other and she had been anticipating it all week. Her long, sleek blonde hair had been coiled atop her head, a few tendrils curled and left to frame her face in a most pleasing manner. This was the first outing of her powder blue dress, which matched the light shade of her eyes and was most flattering to her figure; she had been looking forward to wearing it for weeks.

She looked good, she felt good and she had been enjoying the dancing immensely, until Maxwell came and pulled her away and into a side room where they could talk privately.

“Max, have you taken leave of your senses?”

“Of course not.” He dashed a hand through his hair and began to pace.

“Then I don’t understand-”

“Father wants me to marry Georgette Harrison and if I refuse, he’ll cut me off.”

“All right.”

He turned to her, hope shining in his eyes. “You mean you will?”

“No, I mean I understand the story so far.”

“What more is there to understand?”

“Why would you want to marry me? We’ve known each other for seven years and you have...