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The Heir & I: Taming The Playboy

The Heir & I: Taming The Playboy

Description : The Heir & I: Taming The Playboy
“No, I’m sorry Sir. Oliver isn’t in yet; he has a full schedule of business meetings this morning and some very importantmitments. The moment that he arrives, though, I’ll be sure to have him call you. Thanks, bye.”

With a prim smile I replaced my ivory phone receiver to its place in a crystalline cradle; the beam abandoning me moments later as I considered the subject of my abbreviated conversation: Oliver Clark, my employer of two years. Someone whose overall approach to life seemed very ‘abbreviated’ indeed, most of the time.

This wasn’t the first time that I’d had to make an excuse on behalf of my tardy boss; it wasn’t even the first time this week. It was indeed the third time during a seven-day interval that Oliver was running late for work and his tardiness had nothing to do with an all-important business meeting.

Unless, of course, you consider a fling with an emaciated blonde whose name he probably doesn’t even remember to be an all-important conversation, I seethed in silence. Of course, I probably shouldn’t be so cynical. His date might just be a redhead, and she may indeed have enjoyed one meal of some sort in the past month or so. And he might at least remember her initials, or at least spend the entire day referring to her as ‘babe,’ just to be safe. Here’s hoping.

My friends often praised my incredible good fortune in landing my position; a well-paying job in which I served one of the most handsome and eligible bachelors in our tropicalmunity...