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The Invitation 2: Surrender

The Invitation 2: Surrender

Description : The Invitation 2: Surrender
When was the last time you came?

Is someone there with you now -- touching you, teasing your stiff nipples, making you beg and moan? Are there hands on your body, sliding over your damp skin? A hard, thick cock driving deep inside you, relentless, until you think you’ll lose your mind?

Or are you alone?

The lights dimmed, your legs easing apart. Fingers, stroking lower. Your head falling back against the pillows.

What do you imagine when you close your eyes?

One lover, or many? A soft touch, or a punishing grip: fingers digging into your thighs, holding you down, fisting your hair in a tight knot as you part your lips in a silent cry of pleasure.

Do you picture people watching, their eyes roaming across your naked flesh as you pant for air? Or are you the one hidden in the shadows, watching someone else as theye undone?

You want it on your knees, his cock thrusting all the way into your wet, needy mouth. You want to be tied down, his mouth claiming you, his tongue licking deep against your tight, aching cunt.

You want pleasure. You want pain. You imagine it all, every time. A flash of images, your body rising to your touch. You play the scenes out, every detail, as that craving twists higher and your breath turns shallow and your skin aches for a release that’s close, closer...


You felt it, didn’t you? But it wasn’t the touch that took you there, not just a simple, animal response. It was your imagination. Those secret, sensual fantasies, more private than anything you...