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The Invitation: Release

The Invitation: Release

Description : The Invitation: Release
What is true release?

The delicious sting of pain against needy flesh. Fingers digging into you, spreading you open. That slow grind of friction when I pound deep inside you, low and dirty and so fucking forbidden.

You want it. You’re slick and panting, craving the pleasure only my cock can provide. Your damp pussy aches to be stretched. Filled. Possessed.

But something is holding you back. You’re right there on the precipice, but you can’t take that leap off the edge.

You’re not ready for me yet.

Because what you don’t realize is that there can be no surrender without trust. Unconditional and absolute. It’s not just your body, but your mind, too. Every last defense, all those voices holding you back.

Quiet your mind.

Open your body.

Take everything I have to give you—and more.

And then, only then will you understand.

This invitation is not just for the night.

It’s forever.



I stand in the middle of the luxurious hotel room, the blindfold hanging from my fingertips. After weeks of thrilling, sexy games, I’m finally face to face with my mystery man. The guy who’s driven me wild, pushed every last one of my limits – and made me orgasm harder than anyone in my life before.

It’s Ash.

My Ash.

I stare at him in total shock.

“It’s me, JJ,”...