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The Mayfair Moon

The Mayfair Moon

Description : The Mayfair Moon
NO ONE USED THE F-word more than my step-dad, Jeff. It pretty much made up his already limited vocabulary.

I stayed in my room around this time every night when he wasn’t out at the bar. A poor excuse for a man, yeah, but my mom, Rhonda, ‘loved’ him. Despite the drunken fit, it was a quiet night in our house. But don’t get the wrong idea: no one beat me and my life wasn’t all that bad, really. Jeff rarely bothered me or my sister, Alexandra, anymore. He backed off after Alex blacked his eye last year.

I’m not afraid of him. Who could be scared of a weasely-looking man with nine inch nose hairs and who could barely lift an economy-sized box of cat litter by himself? Okay, the nose hairs are pretty scary; I’ll give him that much.

I sat on the center of my bed with a book in my lap and a CD playing low beside me. Alex left earlier in the afternoon; she’d begged me to go with her to play pool, but I wasn’t much into pool. Besides, I knew why she really wanted me to go. She’d been trying to hook me up with Brent Haver-something. “But he’s hot,” she mentioned on more than one occasion. “And he’s a decent guy.” He probably was hot and a decent guy; she was rarely wrong about these kinds of things, but worse than usually being right, she was overprotective of her little sister and would rather pick out guys for me to date. Only problem was, I wasn’t into dating.

It was as simple as that.

I heard my mom shuffling around in her room across from mine. Hangers clanked violently in the closet. Drawers opened and slammed...