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The Only Woman to Defy Him

The Only Woman to Defy Him

Description : The Only Woman to Defy Him

The fine line between professional…and personal!

Standing outside legendary playboy Demyan Zukov’s penthouse suite, shy personal assistant Alina Ritchi is shaking with nerves—she should never have agreed to this job. She’s out of her depth, and that’s before she’s met her delicious new boss.

Demyan’s wicked reputation doesn’t disappoint—she might be a virgin, but surely one hot glance from Demyan shouldn’t make her feel so…naked? Exposed, she finds that his gaze ignites her defiance, and soon she’s challenging him every step of the way!

But when every shared touch sizzles, how long can Alina keep saying no when her body wants to scream yes…?

Be appalled, Alina, Demyan thought.

Gather your things now and we’ll head back to the car, he half hoped, for she was innocent and he was far from that.

Instead Alina took another drink of water.

He watched her tongue lick over her lips, and it was not a seductive move, but he felt it in his groin.

“Is that why nothing shocks you?” Alina asked, and he watched as her cheeks turned to fire.

“What do you mean?”

“Well…” Alina didn’t know how to voice it, so she spoke about herself. “Everything shocks me. Maybe I was too sheltered. I mean…”

“We’re taking about sex, yes?” Demyan needlessly checked. He loved that even her throat was red, and then he thought of her breasts.