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The Pretend Fiancé

The Pretend Fiancé

Description : The Pretend Fiancé
"What is the holdup?" Aiden called up the stairs.

"What's your rush?" Gwen yelled back as she tried to pull the strap of the red pump up over the lump of her heel.

Normally she didn't have this much trouble dressing herself. But there was nothing normal about her life at that moment.

Her eyes kept straying over to the broad bay window. Or, rather, what she could see through said window. Mountains. White-capped mountains with the bluest pool of water Gwen had ever seen at their base. She didn't think anything could be that blue.

"They can't start the party until we get there, for one," Aiden said.

"Then that means they can wait!"

Aiden's chuckle reached her up the stairs and she couldn't help smiling.

She wondered what her parents would think of her chosen attire for the night. The red dress hugged her body, showing off the curve of her hips. She wouldn't have minded if it had been a little sexier, actually. The bodice displayed the barest hint of cleavage, and the hem ended exactly over her knees.

"You look amazing!"

Gwen turned and saw Aiden at the top of the stairs. He looked dashing in his coal black tux, his shoes polished to a mirror shine that even the most meticulous of drill sergeants couldn't take issue with.

Despite having been together with Aiden for close to a year now, Gwen still blushed when heplimented her, and the feel of his eyes on her body stirred at the embers of a heat locked deep within.

She threw her arms up...