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The Pursuit of Power

The Pursuit of Power

Description : The Pursuit of Power
Callum trudged wearily along the dark road, his path illuminated onlyby the infrequent squares of light that shone from the occasionalwindow he passed by. He walked without really paying attention tohis surroundings, his feet knowing the way after so many trips homefrom the stable of the inn where he worked.

He stumbled on an uneven paving stone and fell to his hands andknees, his brown hair swinging forward to hide his face. Callumknelt there, exhausted from his long day, which had started beforedawn and ended well after dusk...again. He wondered if it was evenworth getting up. The prospect of just curling up in the street, tosleep or to die, was appealing. He closed his hazel eyes and let thelate summer heat soak into him while he thought about just giving up;there certainly wasn’t anything left for him at home.

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