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The Secretary's Bossman Bargain

The Secretary's Bossman Bargain

Description : The Secretary's Bossman Bargain
She was ready to beg him.

Virginia Hollis shuddered. She wrapped her arms around herself and stared out the back window of the sleek black Lincoln as it wound along the darkened streets of Chicago. People strolled down the block, hands in their pockets, chins neatly tucked to their chests to shield their faces from the biting wind. Men held cell phones to their ears; women struggled with their shopping bags. One glimpse made it seem like such a regular evening. An ordinary night.

But it wasn’t ordinary. It couldn’t be.

Because Virginia’s world had stopped turning.

The men who’d knocked on her door this morning had had a message for her, and it had not been a kind one.

She inhaled deeply and glanced at her simple black dress and the delicate strappy heels on her pink-toed feet. It seemed important for her to look nice—not just respectable, but sophisticated, noble—because the favor she was to ask was anything but.

And she could think of no one else to ask but him. God. Just thinking of humiliating herself like this in front of him made her stomach churn.

Nervously, she tugged on the pearl strand draped around her neck and tried focusing on the city again. The pearls were smooth under her fingers, genuine and old, the only thing Virginia had been able to salvage from her mother’s belongings.

Her father had lost it all.

Bet by bet, he’d lost the cars, the antiques, the house. Virginia had watched with abination of helplessness and rage. She’d threatened, screamed,...