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The Tycoon's Reluctant Bride

The Tycoon's Reluctant Bride

Description : The Tycoon's Reluctant Bride
Laura King scanned the figures one more time, the lamp casting a circle of light onto the old wooden desk. The numbers on the laptop screen remained the same. For the fourth month in a row, the catering business was trading at a loss.

People weren’t paying their bills. Rich people, or at least people who gave the illusion of having money, businessmen who thought nothing of spending thousands of dollars on the right kind of clothes and accessories. When it came time to pay the account for the party they’d hired herpany to cater, suddenly they were unavailable to take her calls. Most of the time, she couldn’t even get through to their secretary.

The phone calls were a last ditch attempt to get these people to pay. She’d already sent account overdue notices. Laura hoped the personal touch might guilt these people into paying. Unfortunately, it hadn’t.

She couldn’t exactly pinpoint when she began having problems. Her parents had started the cateringpany over twenty years ago, when she’d been a toddler. Some of her earliest memories included looking at cookbooks with her mother. As a child, she’d loved gazing at the color photographs of each recipe. And as she became older, Laura relished the challenge of making each dish herself.

During high school and college vacations she helped her parents, either in the kitchen or as wait staff.

And now, after she’d graduated college with a degree in culinary management, and worked full-time for her folks for the last five years, her parents had put their faith...