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The Vampire's Kiss

The Vampire's Kiss

Description : The Vampire's Kiss
The evil grows. I can feel its dark touch.

-Entry from the diary of Henry de Montfort,

September 2, 1068

«Mark!” She awoke screaming her twin brother's name.

She turned on her bedside lamp with hands that shook. Her gaze flew frantically around her bedroom, and her heart seemed to stop.

She didn't see her furniture. She didn't see the antique cherry dresser or chest. She didn't see the stacks of books that lined her shelves, shelves lovingly made by her grandfather's hands.

She just saw the blood.

And it was everywhere.

And she felt the evil. The overwhelming evil.

She closed her eyes, desperate to stop the vision.

A man's terror-filled scream echoed in her mind.

«No!” She shoved her covers aside and jumped from the bed.

In a flash, the vision ended.

She could see her room again. Cloaked in shadows, but recognizable nonetheless.

Her heartbeat pounded desperately in her ears. Her body shook with remembered fear.

Had it been a dream? Just a dream?

She shook her head. It couldn't have been a dream. It'd felt … too real.

She had a sudden desperate urge to call Mark. To hear his voice.

She reached for the phone.

A shrill ring froze her hand.

Her heart stopped.

The phone rang again, its cry eerily like the scream from her dream.

Her fingers shook as she lifted the receiver. “H-hello?»

As she listened to the caller, all of the blood drained from her face. Her body swayed and the phone dropped from her nerveless fingers.

Strange icy prickles shot across...

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