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There's Only Been You

There's Only Been You

Description : There's Only Been You
Sara Jamison believed in premonitions about as much as she did the Easter Bunny. Yet from the moment she'd opened her eyes that morning, she'd felt the strongest sense of impending doom. Okay, so maybe she was being a bit melodramatic, but the unexplainable nervous energy she'd been trying to work off for the past few hours just didn't seem to be dissipating.

She pulled the last pan of cinnamon rolls from the oven with an appreciative sniff and slid it onto the cooling rack, then tested the tub of icing in the microwave to see if it was of drizzling consistency. Perfect. After grabbing a spoon-shaped spatula, she walked out to the front of the shop and slathered the hot icing onto a cooled pan of cinnamon rolls.

The bell above the bakery's door chimed, and she darn near jumped out of her shoes. Good Lord, woman, get a grip!

Sara looked up in time to see her oldest brother, Garrett, enter the shop. He strode toward her, the smile on his face not quite reaching those big brown eyes.

Uh, oh. Hello, impending doom. “What is it? What's wrong?"

As if avoiding the inevitable, Garrett walked behind the counter and stole one of the freshly made cinnamon rolls from the tray. He took a huge bite before letting out an exaggerated “Mmmmmm."

Exasperation rumbled in her throat. Garrett could never just say what he came to say. Had to make a big darn production out of it. Drama King. She set the icing down and moved to the coffee maker to pour him a cup of the fresh brew.

"Thanks.” He leaned back...