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This Time Around

This Time Around

Description : This Time Around
When I first set foot outside the airport and got a taste of the fresh South Carolina air, I felt like I could finally breathe again. It was like I’d been holding my breath underwater and had finally reached the surface. I hadn’t realized how much I missed being down here. Well…maybe I’d realized it, but I certainly hadn’t let myself admit it. Over the last four years I’d be pretty accustomed to pushing my feelings aside; especially my feelings about home. I’d managed to stay away for as long as I could, but now the time was right. Besides, it would only be for a little while.

I spent the two hour drive with the windows down and the radio blaring in my rental car. Driving was one thing I had definitely missed. No one drove in New York City. Transportation consisted of flagging down cabs on the sidewalk or hopping onto the subway. Throw any kind of weather into the mix and forget it: you’d better be prepared to walk. After a few weeks in the city, and walking countless blocks in high heels, I’d learned to always carry flats in my purse.

Either way, no matter what form of transportation you used, you had to fight the hordes of people – all of whom were also in a rush to get wherever they were going. That was another thing; city people were always in a hurry, always moving. There never seemed to be any time to just sit back and enjoy the ride before you were rushing on to the next thing. Perhaps that’s why the last four years had gone by so fast.