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Tied with Me

Tied with Me

Description : Tied with Me
“Why are we here?” I ask Bailey for the fortieth time since we arrived at the Seattle Arts Center.

“Because you need some excitement in your life,” she informs me with a sly grin. “And I didn’t have anyone else toe with me.”

“This is the kind of excitement you think I need?” I ask incredulously and take in the scene before me.

Bailey, my best friend, talked me into attending the Seattle spring erotic festival. How she managed, I have no idea. I’m the least-kinky person on the planet.

I’m so vanilla, I smell of it.

Or maybe that’s just because I bake with it all day.

“Don’t be such a prude,” she admonishes me with an eye roll. “It’s fun.”

“It’s not my thing,” I reply and step aside as a man wearing nothing but leather and chains brushes against me.

The main room has been transformed into a large dance club. There is a DJ on stage, loud music pumping out of the speakers, and lights flash as bodies move and grind on the dance floor.

There are many different levels of dress. And undress. Nudity isn’t allowed, but many have pushed the boundaries, covering only the most necessary parts of their bodies. In a smaller room off to the right is a smaller dance floor with softer music and a stage, where a burlesque group is about to perform. There is also a fully stocked bar in that room.

To the left of the main dance area is another large room that is broken into segments, where different kinks are demonstrated for the crowd.

“We’ll go in there...