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To Beguile A Beast

To Beguile A Beast

Description : To Beguile A Beast
“You’re in pain and I can help you.”

Alistair looked at Helen, his eye cynical. “Why would you care?”

Did he think she’d back away at his harsh words?

She leaned into his face, still holding his hand. “What kind of woman do you think I am? Do you think I let just any man kiss me?”

His eye narrowed. “I think you’re a nice woman. A kind woman.”

The patronizing answer nearly drove her to violence. “A nice woman? Because I kissed you? Because I let you touch me? Are you mad? No woman is that nice, and certainly not I.”

He simply looked at her. “Then why?”

“Because.” She took his face in her palms. “I do care. And so do you.”

And she set her lips against his. Deliberately. Softly. Putting all her longing, all her loneliness into the gesture. She started the kiss lightly, but he tilted his head beneath hers, angling and opening his mouth, and somehow she found herself on his lap.

She’d been waiting for this for days now, and the reality set her limbs to trembling . . .

“Elizabeth Hoyt writes with flair, sophistication, and unstoppable passion.”

—JULIANNE MACLEAN, author of Portrait of a Lover



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