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To Command and Collar

To Command and Collar

Description : To Command and Collar
Masters of the Shadowlands 6:


I’m a writer, and words are supposed toe easily to me, yet there’s no way to adequately express my appreciation to the people below.

I’m blessed to have the sweetest, most enthusiastic readers in the world. The long hours at theputer, the blurry eyes, the dirty house, and the frozen dinners—you make it worthwhile. Please realize that without your stubborn insistence (that’s a polite way to say nagging ), Master Raoul wouldn’t have a story. Truly, I adore you all.

A book is a team effort, and I’m very grateful for all those who helped get this story into your hands. A special shout-out:

To my Erotic Romance Authors critique group, who kicked the beginning of this book into shape. To Bianca Sommerland and Cari Silverwood, who beta-read it…and made me rewrite the ending again and again.

To G.G. Royale, my wonderful editor, who keeps the story on track—and made me lighten up the torture on the boat—and to the excellent line and proofing editors who made this book readable. To the Loose Id Quad who kindly ignore the way I tuck extra characters in…and how long these books have gotten. To the supremely talented artist, Christine Griffin, who’s created each Shadowlands cover and captured the ambience so well.

To Suede, who enthusiastically shares tales and answers questions. A big hug to you.

I’d like to thank Kane and careena at the Lair de Sade in Los Angeles for your warm wee and for the tour of your huge...