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Too Wicked to Tame

Too Wicked to Tame

Description : Too Wicked to Tame
“I ’m going to carve out his lying tongue,” Lady Portia Derring bit out as she surveyed the stretch of empty road nestled among thick, spiny gorse and rocky hills, desperate to catch a glimpse of her errant driver.

An icy wind pulled at her bonnet. Her fingers, stiff and aching from the cold, clung to the frayed ribbons dangling beneath her chin. Even horribly out of fashion, the straw confection was her best bonnet and she wasn’t inclined to lose it.

“Looking out that window again?” Nettie asked.

Falling back against the seat, Portia heaved a sigh and announced, “We’re stranded. John’s noting back.”

“He’ll be back,” her maid replied with a decided lack of worry as she stretched her generous curves along the threadbare squabs. “Take a nap.”

Portia frowned at Nettie. “And let highwaymen take us unaware? Splendid idea, that.”

Nettie yawned widely, offering Portia a view of the tonsils far back in her throat. She closed and opened her mouth several times with a vulgar smacking sound before adding, “What’s got your nose out of joint?”

Portia gestured about them at the motionless carriage, a feeling of frustration sweeping over her. “In case you failed to notice, we’ve been abandoned by our sot of a driver.” She nodded to the window where the sky deepened to a smoky purple. “I don’t relish the idea of spending the night in this rickety carriage.”

Nettie lifted...