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Tripping Me Up

Tripping Me Up

Description : Tripping Me Up
I am invisible as I walk to class wedged between the other students all laughing and chatting with their friends. I keep my head down, my eyes trained on my tennis shoes as I take deliberate steps forward. Sometimes I like to think of myself as the ghost that roams the campus of Gold Rush High. Not that I’mplaining, exactly. It sure beats the alternative. There was a time when I sought out popularity, but now I realize that being unnoticed is better than being bullied, so I wee the anonymity.

As I near my next class, I glance up just in time to spot something white hurtling in my direction. Before I can move out of the way it smacks me right under the eye. It doesn’t really hurt, and when I glance down I see that it is just a wadded up piece of binder paper. But my pride stings, and I feel my face heat up. Giggles and whispers swirl around me. Millions of eyes sear into me, burning my skin. Lowering my gaze, I draw my hair forward using it to hide my face. This is the last thing I want. Being noticed is precisely the thing I try to avoid at all costs.

“I’m so sorry,” a boy’s voice bellows.

My skin prickles and the hair on the back of my neck stands up. Without even looking I know that it's Tripp Bauer. I’d recognize his voice anywhere. For years Tripp was the focal point of all my fantasies. However, recently I'd given up on that dream, realizing that a fantasy is all it will ever be. It’s not like I’m the only girl attracted to him....