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Two Little Lies

Two Little Lies

Description : Two Little Lies
Suddenly, from the shadows, a hand

grabbed her arm.

Viviana found herself jerked into an unlit alcove. She looked up into Quin’s angry eyes and lifted her chin.

“Madam, you have a great deal of nerve,” he said icily. “How dare you try to ruin this.”

Viviana tried to jerk her arm from his grasp. “Don’t be a fool, Quinten,” she said coolly. “Release my arm this instant.”

Instead, he pulled her closer, his nostrils flaring with rage.

“Quin, basta!” She tore from his grasp. “The others are leaving us.”

“I know how to find the goddamned dining room, Viviana,” he rasped. “It’s my bloody house.”

“Si, caro mio, and I suspect you never let anyone forget it.”

He leaned into her. “I shan’t let you forget it, that’s bloody certain.”

“Oh, trust me, Quinten,” she whispered. “That is one thing I have never forgotten. Your rank. Your wealth. Your unassailable British privilege. I did, however, make the mistake of forgetting your title, and now I see I’m to pay for it.”

His face contorted unpleasantly. “You liar! You never forgot a damned thing you thought you could use to your advantage.”

Suddenly, his meaning dawned on her. “Oh, Dio!” she said. “You are disgusting, and you are delusional. I could buy and sell you twice over, Quin Hewitt. Trust me, you have nothing I want.”


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