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Description : Undenied
“What do you mean you rented the room to someone else?”

Lillian attempted to keep her voice calm, but her temper was getting the better of her. She glanced around the shabby apartment house and found it difficult to believe that it was booked solid. With all the gorgeous rentals in New Orleans, how on earth could this dump have no vacancies—especially since she had booked a room here for the next six months?

“Sorry.” The old woman took a long drag off her cigarette and blew the smoke into Lillian’s face. Her pale blue-gray eyes stared back unapologetically as she shifted her rotund frame in the chair behind her desk. “I sent you an email, but you never responded, so I figured you were just pissed.”

“Well, I am now.” She ran her hands over her face and let out a sound of frustration. The row of silver bangles on her wrist jingled their familiar tune and instantly calmed her. Something about that tinkling sound always brought her a certain level of serenity.

“Here’s your deposit back.” The woman shoved the envelope into Lillian’s hands.

“Thanks… I guess.” She sucked in another cleansing breath and braced both hands on the desk, hoping to appeal to whatever human decency this woman may have. “Gladys, I’ve been on the road for almost ten days, and myputer died right after I left Washington, so I haven’t had Internet access. That’s why I didn’t answer you—because I never got the email. What am I supposed to do now? I gotta tell ya, Gladys… you’re asking for some bad juju. How can you do this to someone?”

“Aren’t you a fortune-teller?” Gladys looked at her suspiciously and pursed her lips. “Must not be very good at it if you didn’t...