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Whatever the Price

Whatever the Price

Description : Whatever the Price
Her eyes darted from her soon-to-be ex-husband down to the sleeping baby in his arms.


Charlotte Price stared at her estranged husband—the one man she loved with every fiber of her being, the one man she was now looking to divorce. But what he held in his arms pulled her attention even more.

Not a what…a who.

A hotshot Hollywood director, Anthony Price didn’t look toofortable with the bundle wrapped in a pink, silky blanket, a swirl of black hair dotting the top of her head.

And speaking of hair, Anthony’s stood on end. The top three buttons of his royal-blue dress shirt were undone, and was that…oh, yeah, that was spit-up. The milky-white substance spread across the top of one broad shoulder, and she’d bet it had traveled down his back, as well. If she weren’t so shocked she’d laugh at the irony of this entire situation.

Her husband holding a child. She’d always wanted to have a child with him…but he’d never been ready.

“Rachel’s daughter,” he said in a gravelly voice.

Rachel. Anthony’s sister who had suddenly died in a car crash less than a week ago, leaving behind an eight-month-old little girl.

An ache spread through her as she eyed the precious child, and Charlotte opened the door to her best friend’s apartment just a bit wider. “Bring her in and lay her down.”

Charlotte showed him through the apartment she’d been staying in while her friend...

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