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Wild and Free

Wild and Free

Description : Wild and Free
The US of A is gloriously vibrant with color and culture and for those of you who read my novels you know I like to reflect that in my work.

With Wild and Free, when Abel came to me, he had a Chinese (which became a Chinese-American) family.

As I don’t know how to speak any Chinese dialect, because of Abel’s family, I got to go on a voyage of discovery. As a wordsmith, it was an exciting one. But in trying to find Mandarin words for the expressions I needed, doing this flying blind, it ended as a frustrating one.

You see, with Mandarin (as with all languages so it shouldn’t have been a surprise) there isn’t exactly an agreement on what name is a name for a boy, or a girl, or a surname, or a first name. There also isn’t agreement as to what endearments are appropriate say, between friends, family or lovers.

In researching this (and researching it and then some and more), I knew I would not find the answers on the Internet. I had to find a real-life source. I asked for that source on my Facebook page and got the usual swift and generous offers of assistance. We polled several folks who offered to help about the Chinese names and Mandarin endearments I used in this book and—get this—not a single person agreed with how I’d used the endearments!

I love this. I love how dynamic and pliable language is. I also love that it proved I wasn’t entirely an idiot while doing my research (since I found the same on my own). Not to mention, it isn’t like I haven’t seen this before (for...